Community Development

Added Note- The Essence of Extraordinary Culture

Adapting the way you conduct business has become a necessary survival skill. Good marketing, finance and management skills are important for corporate survival but if you want to excel, you must also promote a proactive corporate culture.

Through a combination of experiential and action learning experiences, assessments, group coaching and consulting, The Essence of Extraordinary Culture helps you identify and address the issues affecting your internal as well as external customers in order to create a culture of unbridled performance.

Our purpose is to evoke, foster, and accelerate the capacity and capability for sustainable transformation within and across leaders, organizations and the community.

Regional Capacity Building through:

  • Trans-organizational dialogue and partnership building

  • Cross Sector Creative Dialogue

  • Community Engagement Processes

  • Strategic Visioning

  • Network Development

  • Workforce Development/Green Jobs Initiatives

  • Strategic Land Use & open space planning

“Community offers the promise of belonging and calls for us to acknowledge our interdependence. To belong is to act as an investor, owner, and creator of this place. To be welcome, even if we are strangers. As if we came to the right place and are affirmed for that choice.
— Peter Block