Organizational Evolution

Our comprehensive Organizational Evolution (O.E.) Process brings to bear the untapped potential within each organization. It is a proactive approach to change that allows organizations to realize fundamental change and graduate to the next level of development. O.E. combines future visioning, strategic and market planning, experiential learning, leadership development, and operational alignment into a connected flow that transforms an organization. Through gradual development, the company evolves into a more highly organized form, maximizing potential where the whole is truly greater than the sum of its parts.

Organizational Evolution builds from the inside out by first determining the mindsets within the organization, or how the organization thinks. Second, the process uncovers what the organization thinks regarding their vision and values. Finally comes the critical phase of aligning all aspects of the organization’s life conditions with their mindsets, vision, and values.

The OE process utilizes facilitation, experiential learning, and coaching to incorporate the leadership team, management, and employees into the process. Together, this team helps uncover the variables that influence priorities, eliminates roadblocks to success, and links them together in a natural flow, maximizing output in a clean, focused, and strategic manner.

Organizations who utilize the full complement of our services create:

● A clearly defined and easily understood strategic purpose and intent.

● Effective business strategies that maximize long-term growth and sustainability.

● An organizational structure and workflow processes; policies and procedures aligned with the organization’s purpose which supports the ability to achieve desired results.

● Cultures of accountability and commitment which attract and retain top talent who are fully engaged and committed to the organization’s success.

● High performing, self-directed teams where mutual trust, respect, and support enable members to continually innovate and grow.

● Leaders who others willingly follow and model.

We are utilizing everybody’s strengths and have
realigned responsibilities to their strengths. It makes
people more productive, and it makes them feel
better about producing because their capabilities
are met.