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World Servers: The Art of Presence & Setting Clear Intent  -  a Experience

Being a World Server means committing to your own growth and following your higher path.  It means making a commitment to bring your life into harmony so you can fulfill your higher purpose with ease.  World service comes when you ask for it and are ready to do your life’s work and follow your higher purpose in relationship with serving others.

Each of you was born with a special purpose, a unique role to play that no one else can fulfill.  You have chosen to be at the forefront of the change that is coming, to contribute to building the new forms that will support a higher level of consciousness. You are holders of the vision of what is possible for humanity to accomplish.  

During this Horse Enhanced Accelerated Learning (H.E.A.L.) you will connect and become part of an inter-species herd of men, women and horses that will support you on your journey as you work both individually and collectively with horses to enhance your connection to your inner power, release emotional blocks to achieving your full potential and create a clear vision for your future as a World Server. 

Come join us and discover how living life in the present & creating clear intent changes your life:

  • You will find that your mental and emotional energy becomes more aligned, congruent, and cohesive.
  • You are able to remain centered even in tense moments.
  • You come to know your truth and are able to speak your truth honestly and directly, with compassion toward others.
  • Life becomes more beautiful, uplifting and enjoyable.
  • You find yourself acting with more kindness, consideration, compassion and support towards yourself as well as for others.
  • You move further on your path and have a clear direction in life.

This retreat is located at our private horse sanctuary just outside of Pittsburgh, PA and includes natural food cuisine, hiking trails, and beautiful views. Overnight accommodations are available. The retreat is an intimate gathering of six World Servers, are you one?  Please contact us for more information.