Awakening the Extraordinary Leader Within You

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If you choose to take the journey, you embark on a life changing adventure to evolve your personality and bring it into alignment with your spirit by creating coherence between your head, heart and gut.


The benefits of this process include:

  • More honest and responsive relationships
  • Heightened creativity
  • Greater flexibility and adaptability
  • Enhanced health and well being
  • A sense of abundance and prosperity
  • Feelings of inner joy and peace
  • An inner connection to the very core of your being
  • A life more full of meaning
  • Your personality and your soul working together


Creating positive prime directives changes your life:

  • You will find that your mental and emotional energy becomes more aligned, congruent, and cohesive.
  • You are able to remain centered even in tense moments.
  • You begin to seek more harmonious circumstances in life.
  • You begin to sense a connection to everyone and everything.
  • You come to know your truth and are able to speak your truth honestly and directly, with compassion toward others.
  • You begin to seek greater intimacy, companionship, and love toward yourself and others.
  • Life becomes more beautiful, uplifting and enjoyable.
  • You find yourself acting with more kindness, consideration, compassion and support for others.
  • You find your path and direction in life.
  • You start to master the creation process and are able to create those things you desire for yourself.
  • You experience the joy of the moment.

The keys to begin the journey to a new future are your beliefs. Beliefs are the frameworks around which you construct your reality. Emotional discomfort and pain occur when negative beliefs are held in your subconscious mind. This pain is caused by an energy imbalance due to the lack of attunement between your personality and your spirit. The more out of alignment, the more pain and discomfort you encounter. This negative energy can eventually manifest into sickness and disease.

We provide a safe space and a catalyst to help surface your unconscious negative beliefs into your conscious awareness in a matter of minutes without you having to experience a great deal of remembered pain or the need to relive or share your past. Our process works on what comes up for you in the here and now, you never have to share details of your personal history in order to get the maximum results from this work.

We then help you quickly and easily release your fears and repressed emotions to help you uncover your soul. By bringing your unconscious negative beliefs into your conscious awareness and releasing them, you give yourself the space to envision a different future. From there, we work with you to define your core values, life purpose and create a clear understanding of how you can live it in your life.

This program can either be a two day session with a small group of up to 8 people or ½ day one-on-one session. All individual coaching is held strictly confidential.

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