Awakening the Extraordinary Leader Within You

The keys to begin the journey to a new future are your beliefs. Beliefs are the frameworks around which you construct your reality. We provide a safe space and a catalyst to help surface your unconscious limiting beliefs into your conscious awareness without you having to experience a great deal of remembered pain or the need to relive or share your past. Our process works on what comes up for you in the here and now, you never have to share details of your personal history in order to get the maximum results from this work. We then help you uncover your best self and gain clarity of not only who you are but also your gifts, talents and strengths. 

Creating positive prime directives changes your life:

  • Your mental and emotional energy becomes more aligned, congruent, and cohesive. 

  • Remain more centered and grounded, even in tense moments and experience the joy of being in the present moment. 

  • Become more effective at speaking your truth honestly and directly, with compassion toward others. 

  • Experience greater intimacy, companionship, and love toward yourself and others. 

  • Act with more kindness, consideration, compassion and support for others. 

  • Clarity on your path and direction in life. 

The Awakening the Extraordinary Leader Within You can be done as a personal intensive or with a group of others. This two-day retreat starts with coming in the evening before to get a chance to relax and sink into the environment. Food and housing are provided at our retreat center. Please contact us for more information.

I have built a capacity for self-compassion and the ability to take others into account, to be willing to listen to their experiences, to see the good in things, to pause and respond instead of reacting. I have let go of limiting beliefs that have held me in a space of reaction. More of my steps are with purpose; I have a clear sense of purpose in my life, not just a compartmentalized version of why I am doing a specific job but how I live all of my life. I am rooting my life in a solid foundation. I have developed the ability to be present more and more often, to let go of the past and to worry less about the future. When I live and respond from the present, I can bring my whole self to any situation, honoring myself and the other person.