“It’s never too late...”

I am a mental health professional by training. Unfortunately, my training did not always inform choices that I made in my personal life. When I started over, I was able to put my training to use. I dealt with my codependency issues. I created a fun, busy life for myself filled with things that I loved, many true friends, and many moments of happiness. But underneath all the positive change there remained an undercurrent of sadness, loneliness and grief. I felt like I had changed as much as I could from the outside in, and needed to start working from the inside out. I found exactly what I was looking for – and much more – at Unbridled Performance. Through my personal work with Amy and the horses, I have replaced my fear and grief with love and joy! Thanks to the extraordinary souls (both human and equine) at Unbridled Performance, I am a completely different person than I was a year ago. But at the same time, I am more myself than I ever was. That is their secret – they bring you back to the whole, beautiful person that you always were.
— Cindy, age 56
Exceptionally impressed with the program. Exceeds anything you could experience or learn in a classroom.
— Nancy Heinrich, Account Manager
...The experience was the highlight of our leadership development process.
— Frank Macefe, President, Penn Telecom
What I like best about the experience is what I learned about myself.
— L.F., Student, Masters In Leadership Program, Carlow University
The most powerful point I got was the difference between compliance and commitment.
— Dick Headley, Management Consultant