Meet Our Team

Amy Foster, MBA

Founder, Lead Facilitator, Consultant and Coach


Amy is the founder and CEO of Unbridled Performance: The Center for Team and Leadership Breakthroughs. She created a new method of adult learning called Horse Enhanced Accelerated Learning and has worked with a wide variety of clients from Fortune 500 to local non-profit agencies. Her clients include The Cleveland Clinic, UPMC, Virtua Health Care, Alcoa, TransGE, GlaxoSmithKline, American Eagle Outfitters, Allegheny Land Trust, Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy and Carlow University.

Amy is an accomplished strategic facilitator, whole systems change consultant, and leadership coach who specializes in working with private individuals, leaders and executive teams to consciously create their desired outcomes and embody a life and business of unbridled performance. She is certified in the Leadership Circle Assessment, Leadership Maturity Framework, and Spiritual Intelligence.

Her personal and business mission is to “open and unify” by being a catalyst in raising the level of consciousness of individuals so that everyone embodies their full potential by recognizing and honoring their soul’s purpose and offering their unique contribution to others and the planet.

She lives this mission by:

  • Providing “Aha” experiences that move people from awareness to authentic action.

  • Working with leaders within organizations to create a space of joint accountability and coordination of effort through the development of shared leadership where every person is energized, inspired, recognized, and valued as both a human being and co-creators of desired results.

  • Creating a mutual learning community that inspires others to live in congruence with their values through embodying them in their thoughts, words and deeds.

  • Developing a business network and alliances/partnerships that create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts, generating abundance for our clients and each other.

In addition to her role as CEO and strategic facilitator, Amy continually reaches out to help grow the horse/human industry, including co-creating this retreat process which is the foundation for becoming a positive change catalyst and transformational specialist.

Sierra Erkkila

Retreat Coordinator


The most consistent thing about me over the course of my life so far has been that I love connecting with people, animals and nature. Ever since youth, I was particularly drawn to horses, everything about them intrigued me and their beauty captivated me. I didn’t have many opportunities to be around them but it’s what I yearned for almost more than anything else. There is no better feeling for me than the way I feel when I’m in nature, breathing in the fresh air and marveling at the magnificence of the natural world that surrounds us. It feels like I am right where I belong when I am surrounded by horses and nature, the only thing that makes it better is getting to share it with people. By disposition, I am a people person and love to share life with others; serving people, showing people love, sharing experiences and building relationships.

Isaac Erkkila

Marketing Manager


My name is Isaac Erkkila and my purpose in life is to bring people to their full potential by showing them what is going on around them as a whole. The balancing of different aspects of their life are pivotal to not only a self-fulfilling experience on Earth but also making a difference through serving others. My gifts include hospitality, integrity, and adaptability. Hospitality is important to me in knowing the individuals I’m serving with the perception of what is going to help the person now and in the future. I want to help build character, courage, and unity within individuals and that would not happen if I didn’t have integrity with what I believe in and who I build relationships with. The Thrive Toolkit and H.E.A.L. program is going to transform many people and learning from Amy and these programs, it’s something I believe in wholeheartedly.

Community offers the promise of belonging and calls for us to acknowledge our interdependence. To belong is to act as an investor, owner, and creator of this place. To be welcome, even if we are strangers. As if we came to the right place and are affirmed for that choice.