Cultural Transformation with Group Cohorts

Unbridled Performance offers a highly individualized process of strategy execution and culture transformation. This process is based on identifying a client’s desired outcomes as well as their current reality and building an experience to meet their needs through three primary product offerings: THRIVE toolkit, the Organizational Evolution Process, and Horse Enhanced Accelerated Learning Retreats. In and of themselves, each of these technologies are at the forefront of their industry niche. Together they provide a market offering that cannot be currently duplicated and present a significant barrier to competition.


A Transformational Learning Lab

The THRIVE process is different than traditional instruction led leadership development. It is designed as a group coaching process with 12 -20 participants that meet monthly as part of a group cohort over the course of six months. These sessions become a transformational learning lab and practice arena that enables leaders to build their capacity in a safe environment providing support and continuous feedback where participants actively learn and practice, as well as share the results of how they are applying the tools and practices within their area with each other. Application sharing enhances peer learning, development of best practices and enhanced understanding of how practices can be used in the organization’s specific context. Between sessions, each leader has a one-on-one coaching session to further advance individual integration and application of what they have learned in their day-to-day work as they build the capacity to create environments where employees bring their best thinking to the table as well as learn specific practices and tools to manage effective execution.


THRIVE Toolkit (IP for licensing)

The THRIVE Toolkit is another unique Unbridled Performance offering that serves as both a stand-alone process or one that can be combined with H.E.A.L. THRIVE takes clients through various research-based topics that address thinking, feeling, and behaviors that allow for transformational change and the application of a set of core practices. THRIVE is a unique tool that can be utilized for personal and group change. It gives an opportunity for increasing awareness of one’s internal experiences, how one experiences being in relationship, and the process of aligning to and partnering with others at an organizational level.

The THRIVE toolkit can be licensed to use throughout an organization through a strategic advisor certification process which is a six-month group coaching process where internal change agents learn and become competent in its use and teach it others.

I thought we were going to have 8 weeks of PowerPoints and we did not, it was
refreshing and helpful. Round-table discussions, thinking partner activities,
testing worksheets during and in between sessions worked.