Horse Enhanced Accelerated Learning (H.E.A.L.)

Horse: A large, four-legged prey animal

Enhanced: To increase or make greater, as in value

Accelerated: To quicken, increase the speed of, to bring about sooner than expected, to hasten the growth and progress of

Learning: To acquire and gain knowledge, comprehension or mastery through experience


A Unique Opportunity

Many of today's "experiential learning" events have an impact on internal behaviors and processes. Yet Unbridled Performance's unique systems-based, experiential learning programs do something that no other program does by adding a third element: the horse. This partnership with another living entity provides a catalyst for your team to discover how your mindset, behaviors, actions and communication styles impact others, whether they are a customer, co-worker or a trustee on the board.

Horses are sentient beings with the capacity for independent thinking, social relationships, individual dispositions as well as physical abilities and limitations. More importantly, they have a very similar mindset to customers, vendors and employees.

Just like your customers, employees, suppliers and other stakeholders, maximum effectiveness and mutually beneficial relationships can only be built when you understand where each other is coming from. Your shared purpose and desires must be communicated so that everyone can clearly understand each other's expectations and the results you want to achieve together. When these processes are realized, horses, like customers and employees, become willing partners in your mission, magnifying for your team the power of effective leadership.

Also, like your customers, horses are never wrong. If something is not working or the horse is not responding, we first look at what messages you are sending. This helps you increase your self-awareness and build accountability for your actions as well as the ability to make in-process adjustments in order to achieve mutual success.

By creating a partnering relationship with these animals to complete specific tasks, you will learn about compromising, goal setting, overcoming fears, effective communication, effective teamwork, and how to act synergistically in order to create mutually beneficial, outcome-based relationships.

Each exercise is based on interactions with the horses using the same skills necessary for your success in the business world. This is not like going on your typical horse back ride. No prior horse experience is necessary and participants can elect not to ride a horse while still being able to fully participate in the team experience. Unbridled Performance safety aides actively support all team learning activities.