Accelerated Learning Team Retreats

Team Performance Accelerator Retreats are Designed to:


  • The individual strengths of team members and effectively incorporate them into team performance. 

  • A common purpose and way of working together effectively as a team

  • Areas to continue to enhance trust and collaboration


  • A customer focus that balances the needs of your internal and external customers.

  • A clarity of team mission, values, goals and accountabilities

  • Open and honest communication.

  • Strategic thinking capabilities throughout the team. 

  • A culture of celebration and recognition of individual and team success. 


  • Creative risk-taking.

  • Respect and trust among team members. 

  • The sharing of information and experiences

  • The ability to maximize the use of available resources.

  • The ability to interact effectively as "one team".

  • Mutual accountability for results and a commitment to action.

  • Shared leadership


In this one to two-day experience, you and your team will jump-start the process of developing strategies to improve team performance. During this interactive, experiential experience, you and your team will begin to uncover the realities of:

  • WHY your team may not be optimizing performance

  • WHAT specific areas, such as communication, need to be addressed to increase effectiveness; and

  • HOW your team can begin to realize its true potential

The Team Performance Accelerator provides a hands-on, interactive group learning experience to begin your journey or expand your ability towards creating a high performance team. During this process, your team partners with horses, not in a traditional riding sense, but in a partnership similar to how you interact with your customers, employees, vendors and other key stakeholders to tackle real-world business issues that impact your bottom line. Through this experiential learning, your team also examines how to increase team performance and productivity by creating a balance between tasks and the needs of people and by establishing clear team roles and enhanced team communication.


At the end of the retreat, team members will have developed ways of working together moving forward. Team members will have created a common language, understanding and definition of what a shared leadership team means to them. Ways of working that continue to develop and enhance team effectiveness, trust, and collaboration

Finally, they will have an understanding of how to communicate with each other in a way that honors and respects each team member’s unique style and helps prevent unnecessary misunderstandings that could lead to potential conflict.

Accelerated Learning.png

Many of today’s “experiential learning” events focus on group cohesion or behavior modification. Unbridled Performance’s unique, accelerated learning labs help participants get a true insight on how their individual and collective actions impact others by adding a third element, - the horse. This partnership with another living being, provides an experience that helps participants discover how their mindset, behaviors, actions and communication style impact others, building emotional intelligence, systems thinking and a true customer focus.   

Each exercise is based on interactions with the horses using the same skills necessary for success in the real world. No prior horse experience is necessary and participants can elect not to work directly with a horse while still being able to fully participate in the team experience. Unbridled Performance staff safety aides actively support all team learning activities. 

The relationships and trust you build with
colleagues help the organization - and sets
the climate. The more people who do get
this experience; it will be extremely helpful to
the whole organization.